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jeff whitehorn, author of leadership treasure, with two people holding his bookThe leaders who make the most impact on helping other leaders thrive are the ones who have personally experienced the challenges, pressures, and successes themselves. In Leadership Treasure: 25 Bits of Gold Discovered From 25 Years as a CEO, Jeff Whitehorn shares the wealth of insights he has amassed over his long career in the healthcare industry.

Through captivating stories, humorous anecdotes, and keen reflections, Jeff illustrates twenty-five lessons and principles that will develop your leadership skills. In these quick, easy-to-read chapters, you will discover leadership treasure that you can use to enrich your leadership talents.

Leadership Treasure is a must-read for any aspiring or current leader looking to enhance their skills and achieve greater success. Order your copy today and discover the gems of wisdom that Jeff has to offer.

What You'll Learn from Leadership Treasure

In Leadership Treasure: 25 Bits of Gold Discovered From 25 Years as a CEO, Jeff Whitehorn offers readers a chance to delve into life-changing leadership principles that he distilled from his tenure as a hospital CEO. Each chapter contains a valuable nugget of wisdom, offering insights on topics such as:

  • The importance of transparency and authenticity in leadership.
  • The value of effective communication and team collaboration.
  • The necessity of adaptability and change management.
  • The significance of empathy and emotional intelligence in leading others.
  • The power of strategic thinking and visionary leadership.

With his engaging writing style and relatable experiences, Jeff makes complex leadership concepts easy to understand and apply.

About the Author

Jeff Whitehorn is a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience as a CEO in the healthcare industry. He’s also an accomplished executive coach, keynote speaker, and facilitator. As an author, Jeff draws on his extensive leadership experience, sharing practical advice and insights that resonate with readers. His passion for leadership and his commitment to helping others succeed shines through in his writing.

Praise for Leadership Treasure

Leadership Treasure has been praised by professionals across various industries for its profound, yet practical wisdom:

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