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jeff whitehorn speaking about whitehorn coaching & consulting servicesWhitehorn Coaching & Consulting is a dynamic coaching and consulting firm founded by Jeff Whitehorn, a former hospital CEO turned coach, consultant, and speaker. With his extensive experience in the healthcare industry, Jeff has helped numerous early- to late-career leaders achieve their full potential.

Whether you’re in need of executive coaching, a dynamic conference speaker, or team facilitation, Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting can help. Jeff’s unique blend of leadership experience and coaching expertise makes him the ideal partner for anyone looking to elevate their leadership skills and reach new heights in their career.

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Meet Jeff

Jeff Whitehorn, LFACHE, ACC, is an author, speaker, and executive coach certified by the global accrediting body International Coaching Federation (ICF).

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science from Lipscomb University and MBA from the University of Alabama, Jeff embarked on a remarkable twenty-nine-year journey as a healthcare executive. For twenty-five of those years, he served as a hospital CEO. Upon retiring from HCA Healthcare, Jeff founded Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting, driven by his passion for making a lasting impact.

Jeff continues to serve in leadership roles as a member of community boards and within his church. He and his wife, Jennifer, reside in Brentwood, Tennessee. They have two grown daughters, Ashleigh and Emily.

Executive Coaching

In the world of leadership, navigating the path to success involves more than just hard work. It requires a keen understanding of your passions, career objectives, and personal life. Jeff Whitehorn’s executive coaching services are tailored to address these critical areas. Whether you are in the process of learning how to hustle effectively, discerning the right job that aligns with your passion, or striving to cultivate a home life that sustains and complements your career, Jeff stands as your go-to coach and guide. Leverage his rich experience and nuanced understanding of leadership challenges to guide you toward a balanced and successful career.

Conference Speaking

Equipped with a wealth of knowledge and experiences from his tenure as a CEO in the healthcare industry, Jeff Whitehorn offers an exceptional perspective as a conference speaker. His personal anecdotes and industry insights weave together into powerful presentations that captivate, inspire, and motivate his audiences. Whether he’s serving as a breakout session speaker or delivering a keynote address, Jeff’s engaging style and dynamic presence leave a lasting impact on attendees. Each presentation is crafted with the aim of providing practical, valuable advice that leaders can implement in their roles.

Team Facilitation

Jeff understands the complexities of leading and managing a team. Through his team facilitation services, he helps leaders build cohesive teams that foster collaboration and drive results. From identifying strengths and weaknesses to developing communication strategies, Jeff works with teams to create a shared vision and cultivate an environment of trust and accountability.

Leadership Treasure: 25 Bits of Gold Discovered From 25 Years as a CEO

Jeff’s book, Leadership Treasure, draws upon his experiences as a hospital CEO to provide valuable insights and practical tips on leadership. The book is packed with powerful lessons that are applicable to anyone in a leadership position. With engaging stories and actionable advice, Jeff’s book is an essential resource for any leader looking to elevate their leadership skills.

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