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After 25 years as a successful hospital CEO, Jeff Whitehorn knows how to help you to become the best leader that you can be. Whether you are an early or late-career professional, Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting is here to help you succeed through practical advice and actionable strategies that promote growth and development.

About Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting

Jeff’s decades of experience have given him a deep understanding of the healthcare industry and the complex challenges that leaders face. The mission of Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting is to empower leaders to reach their full potential, guiding them towards success through expert coaching, consulting, and speaking services.

Executive Coaching

Navigate your career path and be more equipped to handle a fast-paced and ever-changing market with Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting’s executive coaching. Jeff’s goal is to help you maximize your professional potential, strengthen your leadership skills, and elevate your impact.

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Keynote Speaking

Fuel your leadership journey with insights from a seasoned executive who’s walked in your shoes. Jeff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to his speaking engagements, delivering an honest reflection of his journey as a hospital CEO. He’s been where your conference attendees are and offers relatable, actionable advice to help them navigate their leadership journeys.

Leadership Treasure: New Book Available Now!

The leaders who make the most impact on helping other leaders succeed are the ones who have personally experienced the challenges, pressures, and successes themselves. In Leadership Treasure: 25 Bits of Gold Discovered From 25 Years as a CEO, Jeff Whitehorn shares the wealth of insights he has amassed over his long career in the healthcare industry.

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Discover what past clients have to say about working with Jeff.

Team Facilitating

Effective teamwork and collaboration are crucial for any organization’s success. Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting offers team facilitating services to foster a positive work environment and improve team dynamics, leading to higher productivity and overall success.

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Whether you’re in need of your next conference speaker, want to take advantage of executive coaching, or are looking for team facilitating services, Whitehorn Coaching & Consulting is here to help. Get in touch today to get started.

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